Naar Nederlandse versie

Welcome on the website of the Dutch Ex-Muslims Support Committee. The Support Committee was founded in April 2007 and has fourteen members. All activities of the Support Committee are related to the prohibition of apostasy in islam.

The Support Committee

  1. aims to support the Committee of Ex-Muslims, founded in April 2007 by Ehsan Jami, an ex-muslim who came to Holland as a refugee from Iran. The Committee of Ex-Muslims in turn supports ex-muslims and would be ex-muslims in The Netherlands, who because of their apostasy, feel threatened by muslims
  2. seeks to reintroduce in the Netherlands and in the European Union complete individual freedom of religion and philosophy of life, including  the right, of children as well as adults, to change from one religion or philosophy of life to another and to speak freely about the reasons to do so

On 10 September 2007 the Ex-Muslims Support Committee issued a Declaration of Support on the Occasion of the Establishment of the Committee of Ex-Muslims in The Netherlands, which was signed by 75 people from Holland and  some from Belgium.